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Los Angeles, California. March 2014.

i have been waiting for this gif without knowing it even existed

yo being a girl blows you have to deal with so many shitty friends who seem like great positive people and then they just backstab you hardcore fuck this



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A few days ago my girlfriend started drawing all over my body. Then she ended up on my shoulder. This shoulder is the place where I spent nearly five years cutting my misery into my skin. The scars aren’t quite as noticeable anymore. But I can see every single one. It meant a lot to me to see her drawing flowers over the scars that have caused me so much anxiety and shame. Something beautiful can always bloom where sadness once lay, and I truly believe that to be true. My scars aren’t hidden, instead, they are accompanied by something beautiful. And I can never say how special it is to find someone who kisses your scars and imperfections instead of pretending they aren’t there.